Design of a small apartment

Arrangement of a small apartment is a question that will always be topical. Everyone wants to turn his home into the most comfortable place on earth. But how to do it right? Do not despair, because we have prepared for you an idea that will help solve this problem. When the hero of the next video bought an apartment without repair area of ИН ИН24 square meters. m, his friends and family were in horror. But the guy already had his own ingenious plan. Following his example, you can turn your little apartment into something amazing! All you need is a set of wooden panels that will help transform the room . The whole secret is to create from the panels niches in which you can hide the most necessary equipment and the necessary things. Then your home will turn into a real transformer.

As a result, a small room at the request of the owner turns into a living room, a kitchen, a toilet, a bedroom and even a dining room. Thus, you will get a full-fledged apartment instead of one tiny room . Give vent to your imagination and do not be afraid to experiment! Share this great idea with your friends, they will appreciate it.