5 courses of eggs

Eggs are one of the best products for breakfast, because they are cooked in a matter of minutes, and the dishes made from them are very nutritious. But you can not eat eggs every day. Therefore, "So Simple!" Collected for you 5 non-banal recipes of dishes from eggs, which will please any gourmet. Keep them in your bookmarks and try to cook each one!

Dishes from eggs

  • Fried eggs in the microwave. Break the raw egg, beat it a little to mix the yolk with the protein, add the green onions and ham and fill it in a regular mug for coffee. One minute in the microwave – and breakfast is ready.
  • Crispy poached eggs Boil the egg soft, then roll it in breadcrumbs and fry seconds 30-60 on an oiled frying pan.
  • Baskets with eggs Take molds for muffins and curl them into thin slices of bacon. Then break into the middle of the basket egg and baking all this in the oven.
  • Souffle from eggs Take 4 yolks, 3 squirrels, half a cup of milk, butter and 2-3 tablespoons. l. flour. Yolks, milk, flour, pepper carefully mix until the cream. Whisk in a steep foam of proteins and add them to the cream. Molds, lubricated with butter, fill it with 3/4 of this mass and put it in the oven for 5-6 minutes first in a weak fire, and then for 7-8 minutes for a stronger one.
  • Rolls of omelet Whisk eggs, pour them into a skillet, greased with butter, so that the layer of raw eggs is about 2 cm thick. Wait until the eggs are cooked on one side, then turn the omelet and put any stuffing on top, for example, chopped ham and pepper. After you prepare the second side of the omelet, just roll it into a roll.

  • These dishes from eggs not only look beautiful, but they will please you with their own taste. Diversify your menu and show your friends these recipes!