Influence of aeration on the body

Everyone knows that drinking carbonated, sweet drinks is very harmful. And why? Maybe the harm is not as great as we are convinced? Read this article and make personal conclusions about whether to use soda . Choose you …

Is the soda dangerous?

In the first 10 minutes , after you drink a bottle of soda: the body will receive 10 teaspoons of sugar (the maximum recommended daily dose). At that moment you will not be sick of the excess of sugar, because phosphoric acid, which is contained in sweet water, dulls excessive sweetness, allowing the sugar to assimilate. After 20 minutes: the sugar content in the blood will increase, which will lead to the release of insulin. The liver will react to this by turning the sugar into fat.

After 40 minutes: the absorption of caffeine is complete. The pupils will widen, blood pressure will rise, the liver will start throwing more sugar into the blood. Adenosine brain receptors will be blocked, preventing drowsiness. After 45 minutes: the production of dopamine, the hormone stimulating the brain pleasure center, will intensify. By the same principle, heroin acts … In an hour: phosphoric acid will bind calcium, magnesium and zinc in the intestines, strengthening metabolism. The release of calcium from urine will increase. More than an hour: the diuretic effect of caffeine will come into force, there will be a need to go to the toilet. Calcium, magnesium and zinc will be released, which are so necessary for bones, as well as sodium, electrolyte and water. You will become irritable or lethargic. Do you really want this to happen to you? So much harm from a few sips … I think for such a dubious pleasure it is not worth paying such a high price. Do not be a hypocrite, one bottle every few months – it does not matter. But it's terrible for those people who drink these fizzy drinks every day. Is not it better to replace them with tea, fruit juices, water with lemon and ice? If among your acquaintances have fans of carbonated drinks – be sure to show them this article. Share this information with everyone, save the health of your loved ones! Let the fans of soda will be less.