Mosaic steps for the garden

Everyone wants to have them near the house or at the cottage was all very well-groomed and beautiful, but not all have enough money to implement their zadumok. Today, "So Simple!" Has prepared for you an idea that you, perhaps, will want to bring to life. Below is a step-by-step instruction that will help you make a beautiful mosaic stone for paving steps or paths on your site. You can use any broken dishes and cement, which remained after the repair work. It turns out to be such a charm! And with the picture you can always dream up …

What can be done from broken dishes and glass

You will need

  • shards of old plates or colored glass
  • form for baking
  • cement
  • lacquer
  • metal grid
  • sticky paper
  • petrolatum or sunflower oil


  • Prepare fragments of different sizes and different colors.
  • Cut out the sticky paper into a circle around the size of the shape and lay it inside.
  • Lay out the ornament from the fragments in the form of a mosaic.
  • When the composition is ready, put it aside.
  • Mix cement mortar according to the instructions on the package.
  • Stir the solution thoroughly until completely ready.
  • Cut a piece of metal mesh. It will give strength to the decorative tile.
  • Soap the form with vaseline or sunflower oil and put inside a figured ornament from the fragments.
  • Lay out the cement slurry in the mold and carefully tamp it, smooth it.
  • Lay the metal mesh in the form.
  • Lay out another layer of cement and allow to dry the structures for two days.
  • When the solution dries, turn the mold and gently remove the resulting tile. Remove the adhesive paper.
  • Surface coat colorless varnish.
  • Decorative tiles are ready!

    It will become a bright decoration for your dacha, and you can place it anywhere: lay out a path for it, make a step out of it or simply decorate with a tile a place near the house. Do you think this idea will appeal to your friends?