Unusual use of food.

Do you still think that spaghetti, bread and marshmallow are just food ? It turns out that even the most common products can be turned into something useful in the presence of savvy and imagination. Before you are four tips that can be used in practice in daily life.

Unusual use of food

  • Putting marshmallows in a package, you can soften the brown sugar. The same method can protect it from solidification.
  • If you accidentally broke something glass, there is an excellent method to collect pieces of glass without getting injured. Take an ordinary slice of bread of medium thickness and soak them, like a sponge, in the places where the glass fell. You will be surprised when you see how well an ordinary bread problem copes with such a task.
  • Freshly frozen cake can be saved from spoilage by inserting into it 5-6 pieces of raw spaghetti, so that they stick out of it. On these "poles" you can put an oilcloth or cellophane bag. So your masterpiece of cooking will retain its presentation for a long time.
  • The hero of the past council – raw spaghetti – burns perfectly. Therefore, it can also be used instead of a long match to light a deep candle. Just set fire to one spaghetti from either end and bring the flame to the wick.

  • Thanks to these secrets, you will be able to quickly and creatively solve the problems that often puts before us life . And also to be a man of skill and resourcefulness. No wonder they say that everything is genius – it's easy! Share these useful and effective secrets with your friends!