How to determine the time with your fingers

This advice will be useful to those who do not represent their lives without traveling to nature, and to admirers of city comfort. You never know what the situation will be – maybe you'll forget the mobile or watch at home, and there will not be a single one around to ask what time it is . Therefore, look and remember.

How do I know what time it is

All you need to have with you is a hand with fingers, a view of the sun and the horizon. Pull your hand to the palm of your hand and your thumb up. Arrange it so that the sun is on the index finger, and count the number of fingers that fit between the sun and the horizon line. One average finger is equal to fifteen minutes of time. Count how much you got – it will be the amount of time that was left before sunset . Owners of wider or narrower fingers, we recommend to conduct an experiment, measuring how many minutes it will take for the sun to drop one finger down. This advice is necessary for everyone who likes to relax in the fresh air . Ability to navigate in time will save you and your friends from a sudden sunset, when you have not had time to do everything planned: put a tent or cook dinner at the stake. Share this unusual way to find out the time with your friends!