Enjoying life

"We are born with a cry, we die with a groan. It remains only to live with laughter. " Indeed, the miracles that happen around us, often are completely invisible. But if you close your eyes to troubles and begin to feel every minute, without looking back enjoying the moment, you understand, life is still beautiful!

The editors "So Simple!" Will tell your favorite readers how to master the ability to live here and now , how to learn to enjoy every moment in the daily bustle. It turns out that everything is simple …

Enjoying life

One of my friends, a charming woman, brought happiness from Israel! What kind of happiness is this? Priceless ability to get pleasure from life here and now. I asked her: "What are you doing now?" And she answers with a smile on her face: "Ohim haim! That is, I "enjoy life". " For the first time this simple expression I heard from her. His literal translation is "making life".

Just imagine! Tel-Aviv, heat, noon, a tiny coffee house in the center of the city. At the table sits an elderly couple. No, not even a couple, not a husband and wife, no. These are old friends. They admirely chat, flirt a little, drink fragrant coffee. Suddenly their conversation ends with a phone call. Someone at the other end of the line asks the man: "What are you doing? What are you doing now? "And he responds with ease and with dignity:" Ohim haim , what else! "

He enjoys life and the moment of the present. He does not solve the pressing problems, does not stick around at work, does not seek answers to eternal questions, no. He just enjoys life this very second!

This game of words bewitched me. I realized that I immediately want to learn this "axis". I will learn myself, and then I will teach all my friends and friends!

Just imagine how you feed your horse with an apple. Majestic animals, I was always afraid to approach them. Once I was lucky enough to visit the local stable. Friends persuaded me to take the scarlet apple and treat the divine creature. And so, my knees tremble, and the playful horse opens its huge mouth with giant teeth and gently, only with warm lips takes a treat from my wet palm. At that moment, I lost my speech and burst into tears. This is happiness!

Confessing the culture of life according to the rules of "axim chaim," I learned a lot. I learned not to fuss and not to rush others. I learned with a paradisiacal pleasure to drink coffee in my favorite coffee shop, although coffee may not be the most delicious in the city. But what kind of audience is going to!

There were many lessons, each of which taught me to be happy . Simple things … Reading a fascinating book, stroking green grass with your fingertips on the lawn, bike rides. Or home-made pies, when the whole kitchen is in flour, children are smeared with jam, but we are so well together that we do not care about cleaning and broken dishes. This is for me "axim haim."

And imagine, as in Israel, during the rocket attack, the mother covers her daughter with her body, hearing the howling of the sirens on the road. "Mom, you're crushing me now," the woman embraced her so tightly. After this, without a share of doubts, life is able to start playing in completely different colors.

I finally really understood what it means to "axim chaim" … Enjoy life here and now !

Every day we pass by our lives, remembering the future or tirelessly building the future. Alas, every day we forget about the present. At such times, we do not feel happy, and life becomes fresh and dull. Try to enjoy every moment, listen to yourself and learn to concentrate on the moment. Be happy! Do you like the article? Be sure to share it with your friends on Facebook.