The significance of moles on the body

Everyone has birthmarks on the body: some have more, some have very few … But we do not even think about what they mean. And in vain! There is an opinion that some moles are associated with wealth, others – with a successful marriage or enviable health. And what gave you these spots? Find out if you belong to the owners of the following enviable moles!

The value of moles

  • On cheekbones If you have a birthmark on the cheekbones, it means that you were lucky with traveling! You often travel around the world both about work issues and in your own pleasure.
  • Between the eyebrows Sign of a successful career. And a mole between the eyebrows belongs to a witty person and with an excellent memory.
  • Between an eye and an eyebrow Such rodinkoj has the organized person with obviously expressed leader qualities.
  • Above the upper lip The owner of a mole above the upper lip is a strong, imperious and sometimes cruel person who is used to achieving all his goals, no matter what. It is worth adding that such an ornament over the lips is a sign of a happy marriage.
  • On the cheeks This is a reward for a kind and gentle person! People with this sign are always ready to make any sacrifices for their loved ones.
  • On the palms of the Sign of Wealth. If you have such a birthmark, it indicates your ambition and purpose.
  • On the foot A man with a mole on the bottom loves his life very much. Every moment for him is an opportunity to do another good deed.

  • And I have a little mole above the upper lip , and even the rarest sign on my palm – that's why I'm so lucky! Are you on the list of favorites of fortune ?