House for 2,000 dollars

Alexander Lamar's life was full and well-off, but because of a serious illness and divorce, he lost everything. Well, almost everything except a residential van and a small piece of land that he inherited. For 2 years he lived in a car and worked beyond repair to realize his dream: to build a house without any loans and mortgage outposts. Alexander accumulated 2000 dollars and built his own house of such dimensions that were permissible without permission to build. I was really impressed with the result: what he built using such a small budget can not fail to impress. It turned out a hut with two floors and a terrace that would cover it in any weather.

How to build a budget house

  • In this photo, the beginning of construction: Alexander laid the foundation with concrete stops and wooden frames. This house seems to float on the surface.
  • Next – the frame of the bars with plastic sealed insulation.
  • After that, the floor was covered with special slabs, which also covered the frame walls.
  • Under the outer skin of the walls – ruberoid or any other insulating material.
  • The floor of the second floor is of the same construction as the first floor (using the EAF).
  • Construction of the roof. Here Lamaru also needed the help of masters.
  • With the installation of doors and windows, this hut slowly takes the form of a real house.
  • The roof was also covered with particle board. And in the end, too, tightly covered with heat insulation. Above all this, the roofing of the roof was also done.
  • It's amazing how in this little hut everything harmonizes. Only 18 square meters – and a complete set! More water from the well.
  • The bedroom is on the top floor. The unfinished building is already very cozy.
  • Lamar to the facade of the house attached a terrace for himself and his 2 dogs. Watching the sunset from such a terrace is a pleasure.
  • Hooray! The building of the house is finished. There is even a garden. The solar system is located above the terrace. All electricity in the house – from the energy of the sun and wind.

  • Alexander Lamar is satisfied with his small independent world. Meanwhile, his ideas fell in love with the public. Now he communicates with everyone through his books – in them you will be able to find information about this and other projects. But even if you have an apartment, his ideas can be a very useful stimulus. Would you like to build such a secluded place for yourself? Tell your friends about this.