How to make a table yourself

Furniture of the appropriate size is most often in the store is not found, and make it to order will cost a round sum. A writing desk with their own hands is an opportunity to save money, and a way to perfectly organize the workspace. In addition, homemade furniture is always priced! It seems that this idea is utopian, especially for those who have never taken up tools. However, this man proves the opposite! His example will definitely inspire you to make your own joinery.

How to make a table yourself


  • MDF-plate for the countertop, sawn in the form of two rectangles
  • 3 square shelving
  • pine boards
  • bolts and nuts
  • drill
  • plinth wooden
  • liquid Nails
  • white paint and brush
  • wood screws
  • pencil, ruler, screwdriver, tape measure
  • putty for wood
  • wood hacksaw
  • construction level


  • Racks will serve as a support for the table. Place them according to the measurements.
  • Then, fasten the racks to each other with boards of the correct size. To start, connect the 2 racks. To fasten the parts, use the bolts and nuts.
  • Preliminary it is necessary to make a marking and to drill apertures of a little more diameter, than at bolts.
  • All boards should be fixed at the same level with the shelves.
  • Next, go to the manufacture of crossbars. Take the boards, separate, drink. Before attaching, try and make a note for the holes, and then drill them with a drill.
  • Check if the table tops lie well. Attach them with liquid nails. Fix the holes from the screws with putty and ground.
  • It remains to paint the side wooden frame with a white primer and paint in several layers.
  • Wait until the paint dries completely. The table is ready for use!
  • As you see, it's not so difficult to make a desk with your own hands . After a short work, you will get an excellent and multifunctional piece of furniture. Do not forget to share this idea with your friends from social networks!