How to remake clothes

The main problem for all women in the world is " nothing to wear, " although most new things do not even fit into the cupboard. This problem can be solved in two counts, without spending a penny. You can just redo your old clothes so that it will not be recognized, and your wardrobe will be replenished with new and very stylish things! "So Simple!" Has collected 12 ideas for you, how you can improve your wardrobe.

Remodeling clothes

  • Do an unusual print on jeans, using a ball of paint and lace.
  • Old ballet flats will acquire a very unusual look.
  • Make an unusual cutout on your T-shirt.
  • Color the T-shirt in bright colors.
  • Bring jeans shorts with lace.
  • Or you can decorate the back pocket of the shorts with a tape of sequins.
  • Make a t-shirt with a cat (or any other) print with a stamp.
  • An interesting and simple idea for a T-shirt for the summer.
  • Jeans and lace.
  • That's how you can revive the rhinestones of a regular denim skirt.
  • Remodel your skirt in a beautiful summer dress.
  • Original decoration for the collar of old discs.
  • These 12 creative ideas will help you improve your wardrobe. They should definitely use if you like unusual and stylish things!