Animal by date of birth

A totemic animal is a symbol of certain aspects of your personality. It not only protects, assists and protects a person throughout life, but also empowers certain traits. Our ancestors believed in this. Having learned your totem animal by the date of birth , you will be able to know more deeply your strengths and weaknesses. Be a step closer to inner harmony by reading this horoscope.

Animal by date of birth

Non-standard horoscope

  • Dog

    1-3 April, 15-20 June, 10-15 July, 28-30 September, 1-16 December Devotion and kindheartedness are your main features. The people around you easily trust you, because you deserve the reputation of a reliable person. If there are clean and sparkling people in the world, then this is you. Modesty, simplicity, responsibility – this is something for which you are respected by friends and loved by friends. By the way, you do not have a lot of them, but all are proven! You like to look good, you follow fashion. Shopping gives you great pleasure.
  • Mouse

    January 10-28, March 16-23, April 15-26, June 1-3, July 1-9, August 16-25 As a child, you were a real fidget, often indulging in disobedience to your mother. But in time you did not lose this fervor. This makes you attractive and charming in the eyes of society. You can be called the soul of the company, because you are a very interesting person and it's difficult for others to miss it. However, you are very vulnerable and sensitive, take everything to heart. On the one hand – it's your weaknesses, and on the other – these features give you the opportunity to genuinely empathize and help people.
  • a lion

    January 25-31, March 13-15, May 22-31, November 1-16 You are not a predator in this world at all. You can be called a kind and peaceful person. Conflicts and scandals – this is definitely not about you. Like the patron animal, you are a leader by nature, but you are tactful, tolerant and demanding. You really love when you are complimented, and you respond in kind. It is very important for you to be in the spotlight.
  • Cat

    February 1-5, March 24-31, June 25-30, July 27-31, September 15-27, November 17-30, Obayashka – everyone who has the good fortune to know you will call you so. You have a natural charm that attracts people. You are often shown sympathy, but sometimes you are secretive and shy. With you it's easy and fun, because the ability to joke at the right moment is able to arrange anyone. Sometimes you prefer loneliness instead of noisy companies.
  • Turtle

    February 15-21, April 27-30, June 4-14, August 26-31 Moral values ИН ИНfirst of all. You value peace, peace of mind and peace. People are drawn to you, because you radiate good and know how to forgive. You are very generous, always ready to help, but you never ask people to return the debt for the service. You are alien to the manifestation of selfishness, in every possible way trying to avoid gossip and gossips.
  • Dove

    February 6-14, May 14-21, July 16-26, September 1-14, September 26-31. People, whose patron is a pigeon, are real optimists. It seems nothing can dislodge them. They have a unique ability to remain themselves under any circumstances and in any environment. They like to keep everything under control, carefully organize their everyday life. Amorousness makes them very emotional.
  • Panther

    February 22-28, April 4-14, October 28-31 In order to unravel you, people take years. You do not succumb to provocation and manipulation. It helps you restraint and stamina. You treat people who are on your mind. Your negative traits are stinginess and addiction to gossip. However, all this manifests itself in moderation and does not interfere with you in a relationship.
  • A monkey

    March 1-12, May 1-13, June 21-24, August 1-15, October 1-15, December 17-25 Energy beats you with the key and charges everyone who is near you. You lead an active lifestyle, do not like to wait and delay. You have become accustomed to a vain and fast pace. With you it is easy to communicate, you can support any conversation, seasoning it with a couple of jokes. Caring for an impeccable reputation pushes you to please everyone. Enterprising, good intuition and the ability to make useful acquaintances increase your chances of getting rich toward reaching middle age.
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