Paris Fashion Week

Every year, all the world's fashionable women and stars expect one of the most significant fashion events – Fashion Week in Paris. And this is not even so much related to being the first to know about the upcoming fashion trends. In fact, everyone is going to the fashionable capital to show themselves and look at others. Our secular beau monde was no exception.

And of course, this event did not pass by the scandalous blogger Lena Miro. The editorial board "So Simple!" Decided to share with you the opinion of Lena about Russian celebrities at the High Fashion Week . Oh, and got it all! But immediately we note that before you condemn someone, you need to look at yourself.

Paris Fashion Week

"Our stars – this whole rural disco – priperlis on the Week of haute couture in Paris. Ksenia Sobchak in her outfit is similar to the deeply pregnant clown of Oleg Popov in the teachers' boats.

Natalya Vodyanova just looks very bad: unhealthy, old, lost. Either she drinks herself, or her husband beats her, but her vibe is hunted.

Ulyana Sergeenko, like Vodyanova, has strongly surrendered and looks 35 in her 35s as a painted odd fellow of 50 years. Well, straight grandmother, scraping the pins on the paving stone.

Yana Rudkovskaya again came out with the pioneer's knees, the face of a pensioner and the unpretentious hairstyle of the saleswoman Snikers from the 90's. Handbag, botilonchiki – all tone in tone, super matchy-matchy. Apparently, to eradicate the provincial hairdresser Mrs. Rudkovskaya is not destiny.

I did not know who Natalia Goldenberg was. Google issued: the designer. However, they are all designers today, these untalented girls in Moscow. Fashion should make a woman's body as attractive as possible, and not as ridiculous as possible, but the Natasha Disigner in a yellow coat Freken Bock disagrees.

Olga Karput – someone's wife, as Google writes, has done the hairstyle of the cleaning lady and, wanting to look stylish, has achieved what looks ugly. The claim to style failed. It would be better for Olga to show herself to the world in a small black dress with a string of pearls around her neck. It would be boring, but not ugly. Well, my head in order would lead, or something.

Olga Kurylenko – the only beautiful woman in all this woman's ugliness – put on her pants, significantly shortening the legs. It looks as if under them a diaper. What for?!

In general, everything as always: Paris – Paris, and we have – a rural disco. Anytime and anywhere".

Editorial Opinion

High fashion, it is like high art – not everyone can understand. In addition, she does not provide outfits for everyday wear, so many people dress for shows as they would not allow themselves in everyday life. In addition, everyone has his own taste. Lena Miro , of course, criticized all very skilfully, but still a fashion critic is not her profession. And how do you feel about Lena Miro's opinion about our stars in Paris? Tell us in the comments and share the article with your friends in social networks!