Signs for a new year, 2018

We believe or we do not believe in superstition, but signs have firmly entered our life, and even in some way they are controlled. On the eve of the New Year, signs become very relevant, because every person wants to avoid adversity and live happily ever after a happy and successful year.

ш DepositPhotos What are the signs of the new, 2018 worth paying attention to to ensure success in all areas of life and to cajole Yellow Earthen Dog?

ш DepositPhotos Editorial "So Simple!" Has prepared for you the most detailed list of signs.

Signs for a new year, 2018

Signs of luck and happiness

  • A dog is a friendly creature, so it is recommended to celebrate the New Year in a big and fun company. The more guests there are in your home, the more joyous will be the coming year.
  • The symbol of the year should be appeased, so that with the coming of the New Year, luck and happiness would come into the house. A dog loves meat, so on the table on New Year's Eve should be as much as possible dishes of meat and poultry, as well as meat on the bone, for example, ribs. Additionally, salads and snacks are made using yellow and orange vegetables: carrots, sweet peppers, apples, olives.
  • If you see a stray dog ИН ИНor cat near the house, caress and feed the animal, then the year of the Dog will be especially successful.
  • An important feature of the meeting of the Year of the Yellow Dog is this: if you oversleep the battle of the chimes on December 31, luck will accompany you all year round.
  • Running in New Year's preparations for the house, we often stumble on the threshold. Notice which foot you tripped. If left – wait for a small failure, and the right, on the contrary, will lead to success.
  • To a great success will be seen in a dream on the eve of the New Year or on New Year's Eve a dog.
  • If the year 2017 was unsuccessful for you, December 31, burn the calendar with the passing year. While the paper is burning, imagine that you get rid of all the problems and start 2018 with a clean slate.
  • Under the battle of the chimes, peel the mandarin and put it under the tree. If you have time, the year will be successful.
  • Lure the house luck can, literally letting happiness into your house, that is, opening the New Year's entrance door or flinging windows.
  • Signs of prosperity

  • Decorate the New Year tree with symbolic bills and coins, so that all the year the new monetary incomes will come. And during the battle of the chimes, hold in your hand any coin or bill – this is for prosperity.
  • Buy a piggy bank in advance and fill it with a handful of coins of different dignity. Put it near the entrance to the house and ask guests to throw at least one coin purely symbolically.
  • New year should be celebrated in something new, then the whole year will be money. If you change clothes overnight, you will often have new things. The same applies to the design of the house: buy something new for the holiday, at least a rug or curtains! This will draw in the house prosperity.
  • Do not forget to put a large bill in your pocket, so that the whole year you will not lose financial fortune. If your outfit without pockets, pin the banknote pin in an inconspicuous place. After the holiday, transfer it to the purse. The bill will become your talisman for the whole year.
  • In the New Year's Eve it is important to throw out all the dishes that are pinched or struck. Otherwise, these cracks will affect your financial state.
  • Who will be the first to lick a domestic cat, let alone a dog, will be enriched in the new year.
  • If at the height of the holiday you have combed your left hand, expect a big profit in the near future.
  • Signs about the family and children

  • While the chimes are being struck, the spouses must hold fast to their hands. This small rite will strengthen relations and provide harmony in the family throughout the next year.
  • A couple who wants to conceive a child as soon as possible should hang any children's item, such as booties or a pacifier, on the tree (or put under it).
  • To the family all year there were no quarrels, buy or make a charm in the form of a three-colored dog. Place the talisman in a prominent place, so that it protects you and your loved ones from family troubles, betrayals and scandals.
  • Household signs

  • Before the New Year from the house you need to take out all the garbage, get rid of old, unnecessary things. It is best to distribute the old things to the needy for free. This will necessarily affect your karma and luck in the new year.
  • If during the decoration of the tree, it fell, there is nothing bad in it, but on the contrary – evil forces leave the house.
  • How to decorate a Christmas tree ? It is believed that the festive tree must have balls. Then entering the rights year will protect owners of the house from problems and shocks, will be stable and quiet. The top should be installed first, and remove the latter.
  • The last decoration, taken from the tree, is a talisman for the whole year. Hang it in the house until next year.
  • New Year's signs with champagne

  • To the next year was profitable and comfortable, on the table should be at least one bottle of champagne. Better a few.
  • The one in whose glass drops the last drops from the bottle, a real lucky one. Within a year he will succeed.
  • Carefully follow, where the cork from champagne flew. The person to whom she is closest will very soon arrange her personal life.

  • And finally a valuable recommendation. Remember all the wonderful things that happened to you in 2017, call your relatives and friends and thank them. Let go of everything bad, forgive and go with a light heart in 2018!