The rules of elegance

The word "elegance" comes from the Latin "choose." A woman who prefers an elegant style is picky. She will never put on anything frivolous or frivolous to attract attention and earn cheap popularity. Elegance is higher than momentary fashion trends. Its basis is a sense of taste and style, moderation, sophistication and commitment to quality. The team "So Simple!" Showed concern for your appearance and prepared a set of rules, following which you will always look amazing!

  • Speaking of elegance, we mean not only the style of clothing, but also behavior, manners, the very essence. Therefore, to look good, be sure to pay attention to your hair and manicure, keep them in order, if possible, visit beauty salons.
  • First of all, elegance is a thoughtful ensemble: perfectly combined things, close attention even to the smallest details. Therefore, it is useful to accustom yourself to the fact that you need to plan your wardrobe for a whole week ahead. You should try to arrange your individual "uniform", which does not require long deliberation "what to wear," especially in the mornings. Do not forget that the silhouette is straightened by straight trousers, solid color, deep neckline, thin rare strip, light scarf, and trousers and shoes of the same color extend the legs. It is known that black in the image is better to combine with cream or beige, and adding color to the base, you should always choose two or three things of the same color. Selecting a classic suit , remember that the length of the jacket should be on the palm of your hand above the widest place on the hips with trousers and long skirts. With a skirt above the knees – on the palm below. Do not forget that under the translucent and white need to wear body clothes.
  • An indispensable condition is the selection of clothes appropriate to your figure and flawlessly emphasizing dignity. For example, the satin, gentle tones of the blouse require a well-groomed face and good skin, and the one-color clothing of neutral colors and simple design serves as a wardrobe base and always looks good. It is unacceptable to repeat the shape of parts of a figure and clothes (round earrings, round necklines can not be selected to a round face).
  • Correct putting emphasis in the selection of the toilet will help to look elegant and elegant. Only one component of the outfit can stand out and it is especially important to remember this, choosing between a deep neckline and a mini skirt. The edge of clothing always draws attention to the place where it is located, so do not place the edge on the widest part of the body. There is a pattern that can not be neglected: the shorter the skirt, the lower the heel, the longer the skirt, the higher the heel.
  • The main rule of makeup when creating an elegant image is the balance. If the focus is on the eyes, use lipstick neutral tones or a transparent lip gloss. If the lips are painted with bright red tones of lipstick, then stop on the pastel range of shades for eye makeup.
  • And, of course, what an elegant woman can do without the subtle, gentle fragrance of your favorite perfume!
  • Details create a common image in everything, including in appearance. Of course, talking about elegance, you can not miss the importance of accessories. Pair and elegant accessories are very stylish. They perfectly complement and decorate even the most modest attire. For example, a hat, a scarf, a bag, gloves, a belt, matching in color in a pair (a hat – gloves, a belt – a bag, a hat – a bag, etc.), will give individuality to the classic image. If an active color accessory that makes up a pair is removed indoors, then you need to add up to three parts (belt-bag-hat). Supplements (boots, bag, gloves, strap) should all be of the same texture.
  • Rules for the selection of accessories

    • Scarf with a pattern for monophonic clothing; monophonic scarf – to clothes with a pattern.
    • The contrast belt shortens the figure.
    • When choosing glasses, take into account that the light arch makes the distance between the eyes wider, the dark one already.
    • A low arch shortens the nose, high lengthens.
    • Brooches should attract attention to the face, not to the chest.
    • Remember, accessories should always be more expensive clothes, and not vice versa.

    Appearance is a kind of visiting card. The ideal appearance should be maintained by internal filling, because even the most expensive costume will not brighten familiar and tactless behavior. Elegance, above all, is the harmony of the external and internal. Let this article help you to always be on top! Share it with your friends.