Weather for the winter-2017-2018

Last years of winter are simply awful: slush, rains, damp … And on New Year's Eve, instead of snowfall there is a continuous mud. Everything is changing in the world, and now, where people did not even think about buying a warm coat, they will learn what frost is. This year, all climatologists unanimously declare that the coming winter in the CIS and Western Europe will be the coldest in the last 100 years.

ш DepositPhotos But no, it will not happen because of the sensational global warming, it's just that our planet is entering a new climate cycle , and it's already known for certain. What to expect, you will tell the editorial "So Simple!" .

Weather for the winter-2017-2018

In the next few years, we are finally awaiting the harsh winters that our grandfathers and grandmothers often talked about. Frosts will be real, but noticeably cold will begin already in November. The indicator on the thermometer will drop below zero, and in the beginning of December stable -5 degrees is already expected.

Also, scientists say that this winter is expected to reduce solar activity . The last time this was in the 50 years of the last century! The tendency to cooling is already traced. Last week in Ireland, the temperature dropped below zero. But for September it is very unexpected and strange.

ш DepositPhotos "Rain, thorny snow, strong wind, low temperatures. Store warm clothes and, if possible, insulate at home. Winter will be long, "- says authoritative climatologist James Madden. He urged all Europeans to enjoy the last warm days this year. Because in October, autumn will suddenly become "late."

ш DepositPhotos The main reason for this cold snap lies in the sudden increase in temperature in the Pacific Ocean. It rose sharply 1 degree, and this led to the formation of ice arctic air masses over Europe. So the cold north wind in the next few months will pester almost the whole of Europe, and even Asia.

Therefore snow drifts will please us all winter and even in March. In January and February, the usual temperature in our latitudes will be -25 C. It's a pity that the utility bill rises …

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This year, even the summer was not so sunny and warm. So the predictions of scientists are very similar to the truth, although often the weather forecast does not correspond to reality. So, beforehand, worry about the health of the heating system and purchase warm clothes at affordable prices. Prepare for the cold winter in advance and share the prediction of climatologists with your friends in social networks!