Older parents

Many of us find it appalling that adult children attach their elderly parents to nursing homes . And this is not surprising, because our mentality, culture and customs call not to abandon the elderly, but to help them with all their might. But sometimes such an act is a forced measure, which is vitally necessary, both for adult children and for their parents. These stories from life will not be allowed to lie …

Older parents

"My girlfriend Olga's mom is one of the most wayward women I've ever met. She always believed that no one had the right to tell her how to live. Fat, one hundred and twenty kilogram woman loved more than anything in the world to eat well …

It is not surprising that this lady hated medicine and her representatives with all her heart. After all, the latter reminded her every time that a diabetic patient needs to follow a special diet. Hearing such remarks, she replied with irritation: "I can not without sweet!"

When my mother became ill, Olga had to pay for her expensive treatment in the endocrinology clinic. But upon returning home, the woman immediately began to absorb buns, cakes and sweets … Without these products, her life lost all meaning.

No matter how much Olga told her mother that her illness was fraught with the development of gangrene of legs, she stubbornly ignored her daughter. Now my mother is again in the hospital, and the predictions for the right foot are very deplorable … It would seem that a person has brought himself to such a state, let him suffer. But, whatever one may say, her daughter will have to deal with these consequences. "

Another story is even more pitiable: "My colleague Marina's mother suffers from a number of neurological diseases, which manifest themselves in the most unexpected way. A woman may forget to eat or go to the toilet in the place where it is convenient.

Periodically, Marina sends her mother to the hospital for treatment. After a small recovery course, the woman becomes lighter, but this period does not last long … The last straw was a terrible incident: my mother had only a few minutes to climb onto the windowsill and open the window.

Fortunately, she did not take the last step, came to herself when she heard the clap of the front door. Since then, Marina has moved to her mother and spat on her personal life. "

Both women know that their future for at least a few more years will be associated with caring for elderly parents. You can forget about your family and personal interests … They even do not allow themselves to think about sending their relatives to the nursing home, because in our society this is considered the highest degree of indifference of children.

Of course, none of us are immune from serious diseases … But when a person lives at his pleasure, sneezing at the recommendations of doctors and relatives, earns a bouquet of ailments, this is a completely different story. In the end, the so-called "sick" is still in the ladies, because relatives will not leave him unattended.

Hearing more than one such story, you unwittingly put yourself in the shoes of these women. Is this fair to them? After all, putting your life on the care of a sick person is a great sacrifice. And how do you feel about this problem? Be sure to share your opinion in the comments!