11 female mistakes in the relationship

Women are amazing with some of their qualities. For example, doing the same thing all the time and expecting a different result can be any woman, regardless of age and level of education. How to get out of this vicious circle? Indeed, it is because of the persistent actions of women themselves that they often have problems in their personal lives . The behavior of the partner is a reaction to your actions, this is an indisputable fact … If you want to be happy, caressed by the attention of a woman, you should change some familiar things that you do not even attach importance to. These features of behavior have their sad consequences!

Female mistakes in relationships

  • Excessive independence A woman who does everything herself, automatically gives her man a signal: "You can not cope." This distrust, a very independent woman, has become accustomed to rely on herself in everything. In fact, no one needs her. Excessive independence leads to loneliness. Get used to letting your loved one help you, ask for help. These are the invaluable moments of interaction that strengthen relations.
  • Sensibility and tediousness A woman who knows everything and can explain everything, going into minute details, is a loss of loss. You can show this wonderful quality at work, but in your personal life it only hinders. Let a man at least sometimes show his mind to you and others. After all, for sure you chose a man who matches you in this aspect.
  • Victory in a dispute at any cost A woman who can not be argued is a real punishment. This quality is in your blood, but it will be much easier for you if you learn to restrain yourself. In the moments of the hottest, tense dispute, you need to stop in time. Believe me, the fact that you're always right will not make you happy.
  • Hurry To hurry a man and make him quickly determine the relationship and your life – stupid. The man has his rhythm, he needs time to rethink everything, he must go to his "cave" about 10 times before he is sure of the correctness of his decision. Do not hurry anywhere and do not pull the partner for yourself – everything has its time.
  • Power A woman who seeks to show a man that she knows how to do things no worse than a man, eventually becomes more courageous than is necessary for her to be happy. They begin to treat her as a man, and she tries to show her power in all possible ways.
  • Clown antics When your man is sad or hung an awkward silence – it is not necessary to take on the duties of a clown. It's good in the company of girlfriends, but it works with men repulsively. Therefore, do not arrange a circus, it does not produce the right impression you need.
  • The role of the teacher To teach other people is an ungrateful profession. This is not about teachers in the school, but about those who take on the title of "teacher for life." Especially bitter are women who like to teach everyone. Should not be doing that.
  • The role of a psychologist A woman who explains to a man how to behave correctly, irritates him. To not cause the partner negative emotions, stop telling him what he is doing wrong. The most common error of women: they think that a person must somehow do different things in a different way, expressing his feelings differently. But why, why did they decide so? Every person is an individual, he has the right to behave differently than someone wants.
  • Behind the word , the smart, modern, always shining woman is not going into her pocket – too bright a character for indecisive men. And resolute men quickly get repelled by the very same lady. Because next to her no one is always. It is difficult to sustain a man who has an answer for everything, which no one can talk with.
  • Fine nature A sensual and sensitive woman usually has a mountain of problems with others. Such women are hypochondriac, indecisive, afraid of everything. Most of all they like to talk about what they experienced at some point. Scary men are angry.
  • The Commander She does not just tell what to do. It gives clear instructions. A woman commander is the same as a man, she loses all the advantages that a weak sex has.
  • Hyperfunctionality is a characteristic of the female psyche , when a woman is in poor control. She can not stop acting and wants to do everything herself, in no other way. She has all the answers, she will repulse anyone. But why does it never bring happiness? Think about it ИЩ