3 decorations for the New Year

The New Year is already on the nose, and if you have not started to prepare for it yet, "So Simple!" Has several inspirational ideas for decorating your home. To bring these 3 wonderful ideas to life, you will need only 15 minutes of time and a pinch of inspiration. And in return you will get a real holiday atmosphere in your house!

How to decorate a house for the New Year

Candles with cinnamon

These candles will fill your house with the real scent of Christmas and New Year, and for their manufacture you will need only a usual thick candle, cinnamon sticks and hot glue!

Decorative vase

This idea is my favorite! To make such a charm, you will need small decorative Christmas trees and cones, a vase and salt.


Such jars can be decorated with their initials or names of children, and to make this decoration you will need a few cans, a can with paint and any device with which you can make accurate holes in cans. If you liked these ideas, be sure to look in the video for detailed instructions on making all the jewelry!

I will definitely make such New Year's candles and a vase for my house to create a holiday atmosphere. And what idea did you want to put into practice?