What you need to celebrate the New Year 2017

What to celebrate the New Year in 2017? This is a difficult question for many women. Beauties of the whole world even a few months before the holiday begin to hunt for a special outfit. After all, you need not only look great on a corporate, home holiday or away, but also observe a number of conditions, so that the owner of this year generously rewarded for the reverence. Today our editorial board will share New Year's advice with the well-known journalist, TV presenter and writer – Evelina Khromchenko. This woman surely knows what to meet the year of the Firecracker.

What you need to celebrate the New Year 2017

Evelina Khromchenko's view on this question: "The most important is to understand exactly where the party will be held. Agree, elegant dress will look strange in the country under a snow-covered tree, and a sweater with a deer and warm shoes – in the ballroom. At home you can try dressing up in a linen style. Dress-kombinashka or dress-robe, trouser suit, imitating pajamas, – all this hits for several seasons. And for a more ceremonial version of the New Year's Eve, for example, in a luxurious restaurant with a concert program, choose something elegant: a small red dress is an excellent decision this year.

For the "country-fireplace" option, embroidered knitted sweaters, cashmere trouser suits, knitted dresses-trumpets will suit … It is also important with whom you will meet the New Year: dissonantly dressed couples – she is in a smart dress, and he is in jeans, sneakers and sweater – always cause bewilderment. "

This year, the TV star and main fashion critic will celebrate the New Year with his family. She already thought about the festive attire and how to honor the owner of this year: "I try to meet New Year in a new dress. Or in a relatively new one – if it brought me luck.

It is necessary to avoid clothes that "did not work" and in which you had to experience negative moments. Despite the fact that the year of the Rooster will come only in February, on New Year's Eve we, of course, will flatter his new patron, and, at least, I will provide the red lipstick to the Rooster. "

Have you already thought over your holiday attire? Do not forget to tell us about all the subtleties of choosing clothes in the comments!