Massage with a cold

Well, where is it without the cold, especially when the New Year is on the nose and the affairs are awry? As if it's not enough that the fever, sore throat and coughing are pestering from morning to night, so also this unfortunate stuffiness of the nose prevents breathing normally. Drops against the common cold are a good remedy, but in moderation, and the effect from them is short. And what if you turn to non-standard medicine?

"So Simple!" Will tell you how to get rid of a cold and stuffiness with the help of hands and only. This simple massage technique will help your nose to breathe for once or twice. Be sure to try, this effective method has not harmed anyone yet!

Massage with a cold

This elementary massage technique will help to easily disperse the stagnant lymph in the head and give a cherished feeling of relief.

  • First put 2 fingers over the clavicle. Yes, it's over the collarbone! Soft movements of the middle and index fingers make from 30 to 40 circular movements in the supraclavicular area . This targeted intensive massage of this zone can eliminate the edema and help you to quickly cope with nasal congestion.
  • Next, you need to rub your neck with your hands in a direction from top to bottom. It is necessary to perform 30 grinding movements.
  • The final stage of the massage against the cold is a soft and relaxing massage of the ears . It's not only nice, but also damn useful! All you need to do is place your fingers around your ear and gently massage your ears for a minute. Repeat these actions until you feel relieved. After a while you will begin to feel distinctly that the nasal sinuses have become clearer, and the breathing has improved noticeably.
  • And if in desperation you still want to bury your nose with something, then do not rush to run to the drugstore for expensive drugs. The best thing you can do is wash your nose with the good old saline solution . Prepare a saline solution is extremely simple, and the process of washing the nose is completely painless.

    Washing helps to quickly and effectively cleanse the nose, get rid of stuffiness and resume nasal breathing. Dissolve half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of water – and go! Nostrils rinse alternately with a syringe, as if you are drinking liquid through your nose. Each portion of the liquid should be poured out through the adjacent nostril. Do not leave the rest of the solution in the nasal cavity. To completely get rid of the liquid, perform several sharp exhalations through the nose. Now you know how to get rid of a cold and nasal congestion for one or two!

    As you can see, from an ill-fated rhinitis you can easily get rid of at home, without resorting to the help of pharmacy products. Let these simple and effective tips stay in your head, then the runny nose will not catch you unawares. Be healthy! Do not forget to share these useful recommendations with your friends in social networks.