How to use multivark in a non-traditional way

Many housewives nowadays do not represent their life without such a kitchen appliance as a multivarker . She is an indispensable assistant in the kitchen. But few people know that a multivark can be used not only for traditional purposes for cooking. "So Simple!" Has prepared for you 7 non-standard ways of using the multivark. Take it into service and enjoy your health!

How can I use multivark

  • Get rid of unpleasant odors in the room If you pour water in the multivark and add a few drops of aromatic oils or sliced ИН ИНcitrus, remove the lid and turn on the slow cooking mode, the room will have a pleasant smell. To get rid of unpleasant odors, add soda to the water and turn on the multivark.
  • Moisturizing face balm To prepare a firm moisturizing balm, take bee wax granules, coconut oil, shea butter, vitamin E and 3-4 drops of any aroma oils. Pour the mixture into the bowl of a multivariate, preheat, and then pour into a convenient container. Let cool down and enjoy yourself!
  • Humidifier To moisten the air, pour water into the multivark and add a little warming balm gel from the cold, preferably with menthol and eucalyptus. Then put the multivark in the room and turn on the minimum cooking mode.
  • Natural soap Natural homemade soap can be prepared in a multivark. To do this, use it as a water bath.
  • Lip Balm Lip balm can be prepared most from beeswax, coconut oil, almond oil and mint. Melt the wax and solid oil in the multivark, add liquid ingredients and mint, thoroughly mix everything to a homogeneous mass. Pour the mixture into the container. As a package of balm, use a tube or a jar from the used product. Let the balsam cool completely at room temperature or in the refrigerator.
  • Plastin for children For half an hour in a multivarker, you need to boil a mixture of flour, cornstarch, salt, tartar, water and oil. Then add the desired color to the mixture, mix it and allow it to cool.
  • Remove paint Remove dried paint splashes from metal hinges, door handles or other fittings can be very simple. Pour liquid soap into the multivark, soak the fittings in it, turn on the multivark at the minimum level of cooking. After a while, the hardened spray will go away by itself.

  • If you liked these tips on the unusual use of multivark , use them. Also do not forget to share these secrets with your friends!