How to use vodka

What is this hot drink capable of, so well known to everyone? It turns out that vodka can be used successfully in everyday life. You will be very surprised to read these unusual ways of using alcohol. In whose hands the bottle will be – this will be her destiny. At the present mistress or the owner to all there is an original approach that the usual means brought a maximum of advantage. How it works on the example of vodka – read below.

How to use vodka in everyday life

  • Disinfection Let's say you hurt your hand, bandaged the cut and went on like this until the evening, safely forgetting about it. But it's time to pay: now you have to tear off the dried sterile gauze from the wound. Solution: soak the bandage with vodka – it will soften the stuck bandage. Plus, it's also disinfection. When there is no alcohol near at hand, it can be washed with vodka – remember this.
  • Clean bathroom With the help of vodka you can bring your bathroom in order. To clean the joints around the bathroom and shower, fill the bottle with a spray with a drink, sprinkle on the joints, wait five minutes and rinse with water. Alcohol contained in vodka, kills mold and fungus. The bathroom will shine with cleanliness!
  • Transparent glasses In order to clean glasses glasses, just wipe them with a soft clean cloth dampened in vodka. It will help clean the glass and destroy germs.
  • Sharp razor Prolong the life of your razor. Fill the cup with a vodka and soak the razor blade there. Vodka will disinfect the blade, prevent the appearance of rust.
  • No stains Vodka is able to remove stubborn stains from carpets and upholstered furniture. If the vodka remains after the party-to correct the consequences of this very party it will help easily.
  • Clean Skin Apply vodka to your face with a cotton swab. This is an excellent astringent for cleansing the skin and narrowing the pores. When at hand there is nothing else, a very worthy replacement for cosmetics.
  • Clean hair Add a glass of vodka to the bottle with shampoo. Alcohol cleanses the scalp, removes toxins from the hair and stimulates the growth of healthy hair. A good remedy for those who quickly get dirty scalp and hair.
  • Life without insects Bees, wasps, ants disturb your peace? Spray a little vodka on insects, pouring alcohol into a nebulizer.
  • No bruises Pour half a cup of vodka in the same amount of water, pour all this into a bag for freezing and put it in the freezer. The resulting ice can be used to relieve pain and bruises, with a variety of bruises. An effective remedy!
  • Lavender water Put fresh lavender flowers in a clean jar, fill the jar with vodka, close the lid tightly and put on the sun for three days. Strain the resulting liquid through a coffee filter and use the tincture for pain of a general nature.
  • Rinser for the mouth Create your own mouthwash. Rinse, but do not drink! Mix nine tablespoons of cinnamon powder with a cup of vodka. Close the mixture in an airtight container for two weeks. Strain the liquid through the coffee filter, then mix with warm water and rinse your mouth. There will be no bacteria in sight!
  • Without herpes Apply vodka with a cotton swab on herpetic eruptions on the lips. This will help them to dry.
  • Local anesthesia If the blister burst, use vodka as a local anesthetic, which simultaneously disinfects the open wound.
  • Combating dandruff To get rid of dandruff, mix a cup of vodka with two teaspoons of crushed rosemary. Let it brew for two days, strain through the coffee filter. Rub into the scalp, allow to dry, do not rinse. Dandruff as a hand removes.
  • Healthy Ears To cope with the pain in the ear, drop a few drops of vodka into it, hold it for a few minutes, then let the liquid drain from the ear. Vodka will kill bacteria that cause pain.
  • Decrease in temperature Use a napkin soaked in vodka to bring down the heat. Rub vodka into your chest and back. The cooling effect of such a tool is striking.
  • Removing the fungus Wipe your feet with vodka to get rid of the unpleasant odor with excessive perspiration and fungus. Vodka will dry the skin and kill the infection.
  • With a jellyfish bite If you are stung by a jellyfish, disinfect the affected area with vodka. At sea it is usually difficult to immediately orient and find a suitable medicine for an unexpected bite of jellyfish. A vodka – often at hand.
  • Withdrawal of toothache If you have a toothache, rinse your mouth with vodka. Let the gums absorb a little alcohol – this will help alleviate the pain.
  • With a general malaise A small, I repeat, a small portion of alcohol with poisoning of a different nature helps to relieve nausea and contributes to the appearance of appetite during the rehabilitation period. Do not underestimate some of the positive qualities of alcohol, which kills many harmful bacteria.
  • Hold the bottle just in case! Perhaps these tips on using vodka in some life situation will be very helpful. Remember that alcohol is just a means, it all depends on what kind of person it uses. Sometimes it's not a bit too much to drink, sometimes it's not worth it. But you can always use vodka in everyday life! Let these logical tips on using alcohol be useful to you. Send this article to all fans and haters of vodka, inform them about the useful use of a popular drink.